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A. Basic Information

A.1 Date of compilation/update

2008-11-19 13:10:47

A.2 Site Identification

A.3 Catchment identification

A.4 Geographic location (of the central point of the wetland)

Sites coordinates in WGS84
(for GIS viewer)



A.5 Wetland area (ha)

A.6 General wetland description

A.7 Source of the data

B. Status

B.1 Condition

B.2 Protection status

Code Name of designated site Legislation Cover (%)

B.3 Site tenure

B.4 Human activities and impacts affecting the wetland (inside or outside)

Add Impact

C. Values

C.1 Habitat

MedWet habitat code (up to third level)

code cover(%)

RAMSAR wetland types

code cover (%)

C.2 Flora

List the most relevant / important species

  • Remove Flora

C.3 Fauna

Noteworthy animal species - whenever possible indicate the population estimation

  • Remove Fauna

C.4 Ramsar criteria

Code Remarks

C.5 Wetland values (physical and biological functions)

C.6 Socioeconomic values

Social and cultural values

Economic values